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Brides are doing WHAT at their wedding?

Top 5 Polarizing Wedding Trends

Unique wedding ideas are nothing new, but every so often there are a few that shake things up and get everyone talking. Love them or hate them, these are the top five most popular wedding trends that people just cannot make up their mind about. For more wedding ideas and inspiration, attend the best bridal show in Santa Clarita, The Bellisima Bridal Show!

Trend #1: Smoke

1. Smoke- You heard that right. Incorporating colored smoke is a wedding trend that has been slowly creeping up in popularity over the past couple of wedding seasons. Some love it because of its unique addition to their photos, while others hate it for the mess and unpredictability. Our verdict? They are a fun element for you and your wedding party, but it can be hard to execute it properly to get results like this.

Trend #2: Cotton Candy Bouquets

2. Cotton Candy Bouquets- Few trends created the uproar that these cotton candy bouquets made. Loved for its sweet look (see what we did there?) and childhood throwback, this trend is also hated for its "unrealistic" nature and sticky aftermath. Our advice is if you love this idea, use it for a few photos but have flowers for you and your wedding party after all of the fun photo ops.

Trend #3: Mixed Wedding Party Attire

3. Mismatched wedding party attire- About five years ago, having completely matching attire for your wedding party started to become obsolete. Flash forward a few years and now they are not matching at all! This look is widely loved for its unique look and ability to show each member of the wedding party's true colors, but it has also been criticized for its "haphazard" or "unfinished" look.

Trend #4: Cut Out Dresses

4. Cut out dresses- The look of a patterned wedding dress with nude underlining is perhaps one of the most polarizing of the wedding trends we are featuring today. Loved for its bohemian, one-of-a-kind look, others view this trend as not the right choice for the wedding day (wanting something more traditional). In our eyes, it is your wedding day, and you should pick what makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful.

Trend #5: Mustard yellow color palette

5. Mustard color palette- Let's be honest, for many, many years yellow (especially mustard yellow) was definitely not the first choice for a color palette. However, people love to use it as the neutral in the palette in almost every season of the year. Others still view this color as undesirable and the last thing they want added to their wedding palette. In our opinion, we've seen this color beautifully in weddings, but don't choose it if you dislike it.

We hope you enjoyed looking over these polarizing wedding trends! To get more wedding ideas, pre-register for the best bridal show in Santa Clarita, the Bellisima Bridal Show! Our Fall 2019 show is right around the corner, so head over to today.

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