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How To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Vendors

You found your soulmate and have that gorgeous rock... Now let the wedding planning begin!

One important step on your journey to happily ever after are your passionate and talented vendors who collaborate with you to make all of your wedding visions a reality. Since you will be attending The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show (where we already did the work on making sure that the most skilled and creative vendors in the area are at the show) all you have to decide is which ones are perfect for you! Here are our top tips to picking wedding vendors who will make your wedding day everything you have dreamed of and more!

Tip #1: Have Inspo Pics

Whether you choose to get all of your inspiration from Pinterest, wedding blogs, or social media, make sure to spend some time creating your wedding vision board. Not only will this solidify your wedding vision for you and your fiance, but it will also give the vendors that you meet with an opportunity to let you know what services they can provide that will make your wedding dreams a reality. The right vendor for you will have past work that inspires you, suggestions on how to make the idea your own, and a passion for collaborating with you on your special day.

Tip #2: Know What Is Important To You In A Vendor

Now that you have a wedding inspiration board in place, it is time to start thinking of what is important to you and your fiance in the vendors themselves. Is it more important to you that they are familiar with your venue or that you connect with them immediately? Or maybe it is more important to you that they provide bilingual services so that no one feels excluded on your wedding day. If you are looking for a certain type of pictures from your photographer (like dramatic portraits) make sure you know that when meeting with various photographers at the show.

Tip #3: Have A Ball Park Budget

Fortunately, you and your fiance do not have to have an unlimited budget to create your amazing wedding day. What you do need, however, is at least a ball park figure of how much you are willing to spend total as well as on each service. If entertainment, your wedding dress, and flowers are the most important aspects of your wedding, then let those vendors know! If you are speaking with a vendor who is not in those top three services, that is okay! Still let them know what your budget allows and see how they can work with you so that you do not have to sacrifice any services on your wedding day.

Tip #4: Ask Them For Their Ideas

One major thing that couples often overlook when speaking with potential wedding vendors is asking them what their ideas are for your wedding. These are expert professionals that have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of weddings and who have a vast amount of knowledge to give you. Make-up artists will have ideas on how to accent your best feature, coordinators will have ideas for managing crisis situations, and florists will know what flowers are in season during your wedding and how to brilliantly execute floral designs that will seamlessly match your wedding palette. When you are open to their feedback and ideas, you are going to get a wedding experience so much more than something straight from Pinterest because it will be original, unique, and perfectly tailored to you.

We hope you enjoyed these tips from all of us at The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show! Do not forget to pre-register for 50% at We cannot wait to see you on September 17th!

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