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What's In & Out: An Inside Look At 2017's Trends

Weddings trends are constantly changing throughout the year, and always providing new inspiration for couples and the vendors who help to bring their visions to life. While many leave their wedding trends to the beginning and end of the year, we figured why wait to give you the inside scoop of what is happening in weddings? Here is our list of what is in and out for wedding trends half way through 2017:

Out: Burlap- When rustic weddings took the center stage, burlap came with it. Although its neutral color and country charm complimented its theme perfectly, they have been out shined (literally!).

In: Metallic- Metallic is coming in hot! With their classic look and edgy feel, metallic has quickly become 2017's wedding accent. Incorporate metallic into your table decor, invitations, or even on your wedding cake! It will give each of your wedding elements a POP!

Out: Chevron Print- Over the past couple of years, bold patterns, like Chevron, were front and center of the wedding palette. While it was a nice change from standard and solid colors, we are sorry to say that it is out.

In: Geometric Accents- Shapes have now become an integral part of any modern bride's wedding palette. Not only are they eye-catching and unique, but they are also simple, elegant, and can be incorporated into various elements of your wedding day.

Out: Rustic- So this trend may not be completely out the door yet, but it is definitely on its way. Don't get us wrong, the rustic theme will always have its own special place in the wedding world, but trends are taking the rustic vibe and creating it into something much more elegant.

In: Outside Elegance- This theme is quite possibly one of our favorites. Twinkle lights are being traded in for soft candles, and old barn venues are being switched for outdoor wine vineyards. With the charm of rustic but the flair of glam, outside elegance has taken over the wedding scene.

Out: Mason Jars- Mason jars have been THE floral centerpiece over the past couple of years, and have been used for everything from lining the aisle to the sole centerpieces at guest tables. While their cute look and simple decor will always have its charm, they have finally met their match.

In: Tall Clear Vases- Elegant vases instantly take floral arrangements and make them glamorous, without being over the top. They pair beautifully with soft, romantic candles or bold, fun colors. Their versatility, ability to match perfectly with any theme, and unique look make them an absolute must!

We hope you enjoyed this addition of what's in & out! Get more information on wedding trends and how to seamlessly implement them into your wedding at The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show! We cannot wait to see you there!

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