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Ideas For Dressing Your Groom

Tweed- If you are shooting for the rustic, trendy, or boho look to your special day, then you will LOVE adding tweed accents to your soon-to-be-hubby's attire.

Not only does this accent create a completely custom look, but it is also versatile and can be paired with a tan, brown, or navy blue suit, and any flowers of your choice!

If your groom-to-be is looking for a unique look for himself (and possibly is willing to share it with his groomsmen), then tweed is the look for him!

Suspenders- A great way to have a relaxed and laid back look while still looking polished and put together is to add suspenders to your groom's attire!

Not only are they comfortable and classic, but they also come in a variety of colors and can be paired with any wedding palette or style.

They also can be dressed up with a jacket or used without one for a more relaxed and comfortable look for the wedding day.

Subtle Color- For the grooms who are looking for more of a subtle look (so there is no attention taken from the bride even for a second), light color accents are always a good idea.

Adding some discreet accents to a dark suit or tux will create a classic and seamless look that will make sure your groom is dressed to impress on the big day.

P.S. This choice is a great option if you are looking for your groom to match cohesively with your wedding palette. Choose the lightest color and he is good to go!

Unique Tie- One of the newest trends on the scene in groom's attire is having a classic base with a unique and patterned tie.

This outfit choice is perfect for the grooms who are looking to have some fun with their wedding attire without going overboard with color and other unique elements.

Bonus: This stylist choice is a great option for grooms who really want to let their personality shine, since the pattern is not just limited to floral decor. Having a tie that has their favorite cartoon, an image from their favorite book, or a popular superhero character are great ideas for adding some fun elements to your groom's attire.

Classic- If patterned ties, specialty materials, and all things outside the box are not really your cup of tea, then there is nothing wrong with sticking with the black tux with white accents.

This timeless and classic attire is great for the traditional grooms who are going for the cleaned up and oh-so handsome look that will look great for all of the years to come.

One great element of this choice is that you can find this choice of attire at every suit and tux shop, and will not need to search for weeks on end or pay extra for anything custom. This timeless choice is not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you would like more ideas on groom's attire for the special day, then come to The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show!

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