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6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Incredibly Unique

With incredible vendors, unique venues, and unlimited inspiration it is no wonder that couples strive to have their wedding stand out from the crowd. To help you on your way to your dream wedding and happily ever after, we have gathered six ways to make your wedding incredibly unique with an experience your guests will never forget.

Decked Out Entry- If first impressions are the ones that are lasting, so why is it that the entry way to the wedding is often left for last?

Make your wedding completely unique and nothing like your guests have ever seen before by creating an unforgettable entry way for your guests to walk into. One of our favorite trends that fits in perfectly to this display is the calligraphy on a large mirror. It is classic, elegant, and oh so modern.

You can add some rose petals and light candles to keep the simple and girly look, or you can change it up and add elements of your own theme and wedding colors. If the mirror is not for you, then you can create an equally stunning entry way with an entry table with unique decor!

Fill Up Your Event With Balloons- While balloons used to be the decor left for birthday parties, companies like Balloonzilla have completely transformed the balloon game. Their one-of-a-kind look can be used for everything from decorating your ceremony site to a balloon wall for your photo booth. We promise that your guests will be completely blown away by the out-of-the-box decor and the utterly unique experience that is created with them.

Late Night Snacks- Recent wedding trends have included food outside of the typical dinner and cake, like a custom dessert bar (which we love!). One way to put a spin on this trend is to instead have late night snacks for your guests! This could include anything from grilled cheese sliders and tomato soup shots to milk and cookies!

Beverage Place Cards- Why have the place cards and the champagne separate? Get the cocktail hour or reception started by merging the fun and efficient side of your guests! You can write your guests' name and table number to a tag that attaches to the drink or have it printed on a straw for a custom cocktail option. We guarantee that this will motivate your guests to find their table and ensure that they will not lose their place card, all while enjoying the experience.

Activities During The Cocktail Hour- Everyone has been the guest at the cocktail hour that seems to never end. To ensure that you have ample time to capture all of your dream pictures, make sure that your guests have some form of entertainment throughout the evening! Some ideas we love are life-sized Janga, bringing in a Photo Booth, having an air hockey table, or any other form of entertainment that will fit your wedding experience and keep your guests on the fun train.

Unforgettable Wedding Cake Display- Wedding cakes have always been an important element of the reception and sometimes even act as the focal point or part of the decor. Make your wedding stand out to your guests by not letting the cake display go unnoticed.

For more ideas on how to make your wedding perfectly unique, come to The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show! Meet with vendors who can inspire you and collaborate with you to create the wedding that is a perfect reflection of you.

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