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Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

If you have been a bridesmaid before, then you know the amount of work that goes into it. From organizing the bridal shower and planning the bachelorette party, to making sure that the bride is taken care of and catered to on the special day, being a member of the bridal party is so much more than getting to wear a pretty dress. Many brides show their appreciation by giving a small gift as a token of appreciation for all their bridesmaids have done throughout the engagement. Here are some gift ideas your bridal party will love!

1. Matching Robes- Gifting your bridal party matching robes is not only practical, but also creates a fun photo op for your photographer to capture on your wedding day. One of the great parts of this idea is that it does not have to be expensive. You can buy simple and silky robes if you would like to save some money, or you can get them bedazzled and customized if you want to be a bit more extravagant. (Psst... Esty has some incredibly cute options for an affordable price).

2. Champagne & Flowers- For a girly and classic gift, try champagne and flowers! You can customize the champagne glass with their name and title, and pair it with their favorite flowers and drink on the special day. This also lets your girls enjoy some bubbly and relax while getting ready for the day ahead!

3. Custom Water Tumblers- To avoid any dehydrated brides, think about customized water tumblers! They are trendy, useful, and a keepsake that your bridesmaids can use even after the big day. If you would like to add more to this gift, you can fill the inside with the nail polish color you would like them to wear on the special day, a Starbucks gift certificate, a scented lotion, and any other goodies that make the gift even more personalized to them.

4. Spa Night In A Box- This gift is perfect to help your bridal party prepare for the special day ahead, or can be used to relax after the wedding day is over. Fill the box with some spa night essentials like a new candle, soothing face mask, their favorite wine, and relaxing bubbles. This gift is sure to be a hit with all of the bridal party.

We hope you enjoyed these gift ideas for your bridal party. If you would like more wedding inspiration and ideas, come to The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show!

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