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Reasons NOT To Attend The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show

1. You Do Not Want To Enjoy Wedding Planning- Planning your wedding should be stressful. and no bride should enjoy the process of planning their happily ever after. I mean, who would want a fun filled day with loved ones sampling tasty desserts and being completely catered to and pampered while planning the event that celebrates the love they found?

2. You Do Not Want To Meet With The Best Vendors In The Area- Why go to an award winning bridal show when you could spend hours, weekends, and months looking for and meeting with vendors who may or may not be a good fit? Yeah, that sounds like a much better use of your time.

3. You Hate Prizes & Special Offers- Who would want to win a complimentary romantic honeymoon getaway or a set of wedding bands valued at over $700? If you would much rather pay for everything on your own and not have any professionals offer specialized offers tailored to you and your wedding, then DO NOT attend our upcoming bridal show.

4. You Have No Interest In Getting Inspiration For Your Wedding- You should not be interested in getting inspiration for your special day from wedding experts who have specialized in creating incredible weddings for years. Instead, do not attend the fashion show with all of the latest gowns, see custom booths designed to inspire, or meet with award winning vendors to discuss your wedding visions.

The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show is known for bring all of the best vendors in the area together for one purpose: to meet with you! Meet with wedding experts one-on-one to see their style, view their past work, and decide if you are a good fit for one another. We look forward to seeing you there!

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