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Modern Attire For The Modern Bride

Much like our brides, The Bellisima Bride Team loves to search Pinterest for inspiration. With each bride and groom creating a wedding that is more out of the box than the next, it is inspiring to see what experiences are created with some bold moves. One of the trends that we have been loving is brides experimenting with their gown for the big day.

Playing With Separates- For the brides who are looking to step outside of the "traditional gown" box while still remaining elegant and girly, matching separates is the way to go!

One of the great components of this trend is that the sky is the limit! We have seen everything from white and lacy matching separates, to bedazzled tops with tulle skirts. Pinterest is filled with creative and unique ideas on how to incorporate this trend into your special day.

P.S. This trend has also become very popular for your bridal entourage as well. What better way to let all your bridesmaids show their unique style while incorporating this fashionable trend in your wedding day?

Long & Laced- While long-sleeved dresses were few and far between just a few short years ago, they have made a comeback completely revamped!

To all of our fall and winter beauties who can take advantage of the cooler temperatures to play with this trend, (close to impossible in the 110 degree heat we are experiencing here in So Cal) we highly suggest it!

The romantic and timeless look mixed with the unique and modern trend is a perfect match for your special day.

Making Tradition Their Own- For years it has been tradition for brides to wear their perfectly white wedding dress down the aisle.

Now brides are having fun with the traditional white dress by adding accents that make the dress entirely their own. No longer is embracing color left to just the bridal party.

We have been loving brides who break the mold with rose gold wedding dresses, bright jewelry, and accessories with bold color.

If you feel comfortable pushing the status quo and love some fun color, then this modern trend is the one for you.

We hope you loved these bold trends. For more ideas on what to wear for your special day, come to The Bellisima Bride Fashion Show!

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