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Not Your Basic Bachelorette Party

Your last celebration before your big day needs to be something as unique as you are. While the traditional trip to Vegas always provides an experience, many are looking for a celebration that promises something more. For all of you brides who are looking for something unique to celebrate your last major outing as a "single" lady, we have gathered a list of ideas for your special bachelorette celebration.

Vineyard Trip- For the wine-loving bachelorette, this is practically a must. Gather all your girlfriends for a road trip up the coast or to a near by vineyard for an unforgettable pre-wedding celebration. Along with wine tasting and enjoying the beautiful scenery, many vineyards now have packages that include an overnight stay and spa treatment. Who could pass up a trip like that?!

Malibu Wine Safari- Their slogan "Get your wine on in the wild" pretty much sums up this incredibly unique experience. This 1,000 acre venue gives you the experience of going on an adventurous safari and then relaxing at their winery after. This place is perfect for photo ops with the animals while also giving you and your girls a one-of-a-kind experience.

Weekend on the Water- Does beautiful views, fun in the sun, and suite style accommodations all while on the water sound like the trip for you? Then having your celebration on a yacht is the way to go! Get some "Team Bride" bathing suits for some cute photos with a stunning backdrop and enjoy a weekend on the water.

Wellness retreat- If a relaxing weekend is the way you want to go, but you also want something more than a spa day, go to a wellness retreat! These often include yoga classes, an individualized wellness assessment, meditation, fitness classes, and daily massages. This may just be exactly what the doctor ordered heading into the big day!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for your bachelorette celebration! For more ideas on travel, celebrations, and all things wedding, come to The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show!

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