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"Cool" Tips For Your Summer Wedding

With the weather here in So Cal currently being a balmy 105 degrees, there is no denying that the spring days are long gone. Fortunately, along with the warmer temperatures come all of our beautiful summer brides. To ensure that you and your guests can completely enjoy the entire day, here are some "cool" tips for your summer wedding.

Popsicle cocktails- One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is with lots and LOTS of refreshments for your guests. Why not make it unique and summer appropriate with some Popsicles in the cocktails? This will keep your guests hydrated, entertained, and fawning over how cute the concept is! For the extra cuteness factor, you can also have the color of the Popsicles match your wedding palette and have them passed out with unique floral decor.

Sunnies Galore- If you are choosing to have your guests soak up the summer sun during your ceremony or reception, give them some sunnies! Not only it is a cute favor for your guests to keep, but it also prevents them from squinting to catch all of the intimate moments.

Summer Survival Kit- Bridal survival kits are a must for the big day. While they normally include items like floss, thread, lip gloss, and nail polish, a more heavy duty survival kit is crucial for that summer sun. For our summer beauties, make sure that it includes sunscreen, make-up blotting wipes, water, mini deodorant, perfume, and even some water misters. It is also a good idea to have extras for the entire bridal party so that everyone is looking and feeling their best on the big day.

Throw Some Shade- Regardless if your wedding space is indoors or outdoors, save your guests (and yourself) from the harsh heat by providing shade. Whether you pick small umbrellas for your guests or a large, stunning drapery, make sure that your guests have a place to save themselves from the heat.

We hope you enjoyed these "cool" tips for your summer wedding! For more tips on how to make your wedding everything that you deserve, come to The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show!


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