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Unique Colors For Your Wedding

One of the elements of the wedding that helps us connect brides with the vendor who can make all of your dreams come true is knowing the wedding palette! Often times this is one of the first decisions that brides to be make while searching through pages and pages of Pinterest. Over the past three years, the top wedding colors have been pink, white, and green. But what about the brides who are looking for something outside the box?

Navy, Yellow, & White

Top wedding experts, like Mindy Weiss, predict that navy blue and white will be the top colors over the next couple of wedding seasons. They are great neutral colors for every season, and can be tailored to each bride with a choice of an accent color. With summer upon us, a pop of yellow is the perfect touch to complete this blue and white wedding palette.

Peach, Burgundy, & Green

Pink tones with green accents have always been a wedding classic, and adding a bold color really ties it all together. With burgundy taking the center stage, these three colors work seamlessly together, and can be incorporated into all of your wedding decor. We specifically love these colors for fall and winter, but they can be used for every season!

White, Cream, & Green

For our brides who love the elegant and minimalist look, having a palette of white, green, and cream seamlessly achieve that feel.

While these colors are often popular for their rustic use, they are versatile colors that can be used in door and outdoor as well. We love this palette for our spring and summer brides, but fortunately these are in all year long.

Black, White, & Rose Gold

Black and white is THE all time classic pairing, and adding the modern trend of rose gold brings together classic and modern perfectly. This color palette really suites the bride who wants to stand out while also maintaining elegance and an element of simplicity. Plus another great thing about this pairing is that it is not tied to a particular season!

For more ideas on all things weddings, meet with the experts at The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show! We connect our Bellisima Brides with the talented and creative vendors who can make all of their wedding visions a reality.

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