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5 Successful Bridal Show Tips

We are committed to helping make 2017 a huge success for you! As a strategic business partner, our goal is to help your wedding business grow while our brides get the best experience in planning their weddings.

To help, here are 5 Tips to help you have greater success at your next Bridal Show:

#1- Have a booth that stands out from the crowd and from other vendors. Make sure your booth announces what you do immediately.

#2- Create your own leads at your booth. Have something like an iPad or a guest book where brides can share their information such as: their names, phone #, Wedding Date and Email.

#3- Be friendly and talk to brides about their wedding rather than about “You”. Brides love to talk about their wedding. Ask questions like, "when did you get engaged?" or "where are you having your wedding?" If you know the venues, talk about them (this shows your expertise) and tell them what a great choice they have made.

#4- Never eat at your booth!!! You don’t want to have bad breath or your booth smelling like food. Have another person with you at the booth so you can take a small break to eat your lunch. It is always a great idea to have mints. Don’t have any drinks or food visible to brides.

#5- Follow up with them after the show!!! This is a MUST, especially if you told them that you would follow up with them. Follow through and ask them if they had a good time at the show.

Bridal Shows are a great way to connect with brides, show off your uniqueness and get great leads, if you do it right. We are here to help and we look forward to hearing about your success this new year!

To Register as a Wedding Vendor for one of our Upcoming Bridal Shows visit our EXHIBITORS page.

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